Fecha: 26/10/2018.

International promoter Altur Homes today launched Be Lagom, one of the most exclusive and groundbreaking promotions on the Costa del Sol.

CEO Javier Hernandez, Chief Operations Officer Marina Romero and Benahavis Mayor Jose Antonio Mena held a press conference to explain the unique project

Set in a singularly beautiful location with spectacular views over the Mediterranean, Be Lagom will comprise of 13 luxury villas, inspired by sustainability, organic food and the circular economy.

Situated over a total area of ​​14,000 m2 in the area of ​​La Alquería, the project will boast over 5000m2 of Mediterranean gardens, with organic fruit orchards, an abundance of flowers and trees and stunning landscaping. The villas, which will start at 1.2 million euros, are aimed at buyers from countries such as Norway, Sweden, Belgium and the UK in search of a second home of quality and numerous services.

Boasting viewpoints and rest areas, as well as co-living spaces, Be Lagom is more than a residential development – it is a way of life promoting networking and a collaborative economy.

The Be Lagom Concept

Lagom is a Swedish word that enhances the virtue of the midpoint and means “the right amount”, avoiding excess and extreme limitation. This allows us to better understand what makes us happy and what works for our mental well-being.

The term is combined with the idea of ​​just “Being” hence “Be” and implies the meanings derived from the philosophy of life to which the term Lagom refers.

The Be Lagom project has received the international Breeam certification, a world-renowned method to assess the sustainability of buildings in up to 10 technical aspects, including Health and Wellbeing, Energy, Water, Ecological land use, and innovation.

Increasingly, people are aware of the need to live in a sustainable manner. Be Lagom is a unique real estate project that will make the way of life of its residents an example of the so-called circular economy that is so in vogue in recent times.

Be Lagom aims to be a real estate project that will establish the circular economy in homes and that firmly believes that the preservation of our resources is a shared responsibility of all sectors.

With an investment in the project of approximately € 15,000,000, work will begin in November 2018 and the construction time will be between 18 and 20 months.

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